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Missouri CCW – KC Concealed Carry safety class

Best concealed carry in Kansas city! 

In an official course that takes 8-hours, certified instructors teach students the basics of using a handgun and legal knowledge on handgun possession, concealment, among real life scenario and gun maintenance. Completion of the class allows graduates to apply for conceal carry licenses. The course is recognized by the local sheriff’s office as valid training for a concealed handgun license.

Things you’ll need to bring to class:

  • Pistol / Revolver
  • Magazines if Semi-auto pistol is used
  • Ammunition (40 rds.)
  • Eye and ear protection

Recommended items but not necessary:

  • Notebook
  • Pen



Intro to Handguns

This course is structured for the first time firearm owner and novice level shooter to learn core safety rules and how to operate their firearm in a safe capacity whether at home or on the range. The objective is to know and understand the universal firearm safety rules and be able to safely load, unload, and fire a pistol to achieve accurate hits on the intended target.

Topics Covered:
Universal safety rules, firearm function, manipulation, and shooting fundamentals to safely own and operate a pistol.

Things you’ll need to bring to class:

  • Pistol
  • Magazines
  • Ammunition (100 rds.)
  • Notebook
  • Pen
  • Water
  • Eye and ear protection

Recommended items but not necessary:

  • Holster (kydex style)
  • Magazine pouches
  • Gear bag


Armed Guard Training ( Two Days course)


  • This course is a 13 hour course as mandated by the State of Nevada.  The course is 8 hours in the classroom and 5 hours on the range.  This course includes how to safely carry your firearm on and off duty.  Laws of arrest, use-of-force, use of deadly force and much more.  You will be given classroom instruction as well as qualify on the range with the handgun you choose to carry.
  • You must take the refresher course every 5 years and re-qualify to keep your card current.


  • Each student must bring their own firearm and proper gunbelt, holster, with keepers and magazine/speed loader pouches/carriers.
  • Semi-auto users must bring at least 3 magazines.
  • Revolvers users must bring at least 2 speedloaders
  • Each student will require 250 rounds.  No steel-core, armor-piercing, tracer or incendiary rounds permitted.
  • Each student should bring a shooting mat or towel for use during prone shooting.  (Knee or elbow pads are recommended, but not required, also available for purchase.)


is a program designed to give you information about staying safe, soft skills, situation
awareness and avoidance.


Our travel security presentation addresses all aspects of travel safety and security. We teach employees how to conduct an efficient risk assessment prior to traveling, develop and maintain layers of security around them as they travel and lessen their likelihood of being targeted or caught in a violent attack. We also teach them how to reduce their public transportation risks, how to select hotels and what specific actions to take to improve the security of their hotel room, how to improve sanitary conditions as well as staying healthy when traveling.

Active Shooter Countermeasures:

Our two-hour Active Shooter course has been chosen by 100s of companies to train their employees what to do in the event they are caught in one of these volatile situations while on the corporate campus or in their daily lives. The course is thoughtfully prepared and  not only explains past incidents but also includes specific information to help protect employees lives.
Based on the US Government Run-Hide-Fight program, we provide the practical information necessary to stay alive teaching students when to run, how to hide and render doors inoperable and how exactly to fight should that be necessary. We also explain law enforcement organizational roles to ensure people understand what the latest tactics for dealing with Active Shooters are and remain safe when law enforcement arrives. Extremely informative, this course is on point and in demand.

 Nightclub, Bar & Tavern Security Training & Assessment Services

we all seen or heard of incidents of stabbing, shooting or fighting in a bar in Kansas City, that is the reality of the world we live in, especially when you factor large crowds and alcohol. While most bars continue to hire security staff but short fall in offering them the training they desperately need.

Offering you staff certified training can contribute to reduce incidents, allow your staff the handle situations better, lower your insurance and decrease liability.

Our training is customizable to your individual establishment; we start with assessing your current security then we present our recommendations on what topics to include in your training. You can always ask for a specific topic. Topics we usually cover when training bar staff are;

  • Conflict Resolution and Force Escalation
  • Active shooter response
  • Effective restrains methods
  • Basic combative/ fighting
  • Powers to Arrest & Intervention Techniques
  • Human Factors & Pre-Attack Indicators
  • Gun and knife disarms
  • And much more


 Best in Kansas city!

Best concealed carry classes in Kansas city