Self Defense: Mentality Tactics Training

 The world is a dangerous place. In the US a VIOLENT crime is occurs every 25 seconds, a robbery every minute and a forcible rape every 6 minutes. “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” Albert Einstein. This book is going to first mentally prepare to understand the criminal mindset, help you transform your own mindset to be able to avoid being a victim in the first place, and also have the mindset to act quickly when needed. Second, the book will give you easy to implement tips to stay safe in different places, such as home, hotels, vehicles and restaurants. The book is inclusive, from discussing how to dress and walk to avoid being a victim to how to deal with active shooter. Thirdly discussing legality of self-defense and how to win the legal battle and avoid going to jail. Omer Aswad, the renowned firearm instructor and self-defense expert, has worked as a military contractor, armed and unarmed security at bars and party buses, lead a team of security at a private college and worked in a maximum security prison. Has spent years studying self-defense, the physiology of criminals and self-defense is now sharing his knowledge on how to be safe. Giving you an inside of how he himself defended himself in different situations he ran into. In this book you will learn: • How to defend yourself and NOT get arrested in the process • How to avoid being a victim of violence • How to spot and avoid trouble before it happens • How to handle trouble when it does happen • How to manage feelings of fear and adrenaline • How to deal with the aftermath of violence • How to pick the right gun • How to pick the right improvised weapon DON’T be a victim

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